The farm holiday "Il Principe Contadino" was born with the enthusiasm I have always put into everything I do: I hope you will notice this when you come to see me…

Several years ago I started managing the “Madonna del Sasso” agricultural activity and I converted to biological methods, personally taking care of the whole cycle from ploughing to reaping.

I specialised in the production of cereals and vegetables; lentils, chick ling, spelt and grain because these are foods linked to our rural tradition and are now appreciated by nutritionalists as essentials for a correct and healthy alimentation; I can assure you that if they are cultivated with rigorously biological methods they have a completely different flavour!

The farms occupies 180 hectares divided between woods and cultivated fields and the residence where you will stay is inside the farm. Motor traffic is barred from the whole area, with the exception, of course, of our guests.